Laser Distance Meter Node

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Meet us for a first glimpse of the new Laser distance meter node 

With the new laser distance meter node, it is possible to collect automatic readings in real-time from the beginning to the completion of the project without work disruptions.” 

Juan Pérez 
Geotechnical Engineer 


Precise, real-time and remote distance measurements without work disruptions  

Why choose the Laser Distance Meter Node?

Here are the top 3 reasons why

Long-range Radio
Up to 4 kilometers
in a tunnel 

High Precision
and Repeatability
Precision 1mm

Lasts up to 5 years
with 1 reading per hour  

Can't make it to 16ARC? 

The laser distance meter node may be used to measure the convergences between the retaining walls in order to monitor the soil-structure interaction during tunnel construction.  

One of the biggest challenges we had in tunnel construction using conventional methods is to know the convergence of the section during excavation. The traditional methods that are used normally are too manual and they involve a lot of resources. 

Why we developed the 
Laser Distance Meter Node 

Read the Laser Distance Meter Node Data Sheet for the full specifications


Application Areas  

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Meet us at Booth E6 at 16ARC in Taipei, Taiwan for a demo of the new Laser distance meter node.

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How does it work in Tunnel Construction?

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Jorge Gómez Hoyos
ACCIONA Construction 


Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering
14 - 18 October, Taipei, Taiwan


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